Good News, Cikarang Listrindo is included in the SRI-KEHATI Index

Public News|July 05, 2021

Jakarta, July 5, 2021 – PT Cikarang Listrindo Tbk (POWR) is included for the first time as one of the companies in the list of SRI-KEHATI Stock Index for the period of July-November 2021. The SRI-KEHATI Index selects 25 listed companies with the best performance in Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) efforts.

The inclusion of the Company, after going through a rigorous selection by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI), is a clear proof of the Company's commitment to sustainable business management efforts and care for the environment, social and good corporate governance.

This achievement becomes a motivation for the Company to continuously improving the quality of the implementation of international standard sustainable management. In June 2021, the Company has published the 2020 Sustainability Report as the second Sustainability Report issued separately from the Company's Annual Report since 2019.

Through this Report, the Company transparently conveys the Company's performance and operational activities, along with their impact on economic, environmental and social aspects during 2020.

“Reporting on these three aspects of performance is also our effort to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” explained the Company in its press release in Jakarta, Monday (5/7/2021).

Further explained, the report is prepared with reference to the GRI International Standards issued by the Global Sustainability Standards Board. We have also obtained an Assurance Statement from PT Moores Rowland Indonesia as our external independent assessor with ISAE3000 standard.

Cikarang Listrindo continues to maintain its commitment by carrying out various continuous innovations to support Indonesia's sustainable development. In 2020, the Company established an Environmental Sustainability Team in purpose to make plans and initiatives of the Company in environmental aspects such as the installation of solar rooftop, biomass co-firing and improve the environmental management targets from PROPER Blue to PROPER Green.

In early 2021, the Company has also formed a Corporate Social Responsibility Team to focus on the formulation of community-based CSR programs and plans. During this pandemic period, the Company involved directly and together with the Government in helping the hospitals, clinics and community to be able to alleviate the impact of the pandemic together.

“The Company expresses its gratitude to the Kehati Foundation for the inclusion of the Company in the list of SRI-KEHATI Index companies and for trusting the Company's commitment to sustainable management that has been carried out,” said Cikarang Listrindo.

Furthermore, the Company also appreciates the performance of the Kehati Foundation which continues to make positive contributions to the improvement of environmental conservation and sustainable development of Indonesia. The Company also expressed its gratitude to its customers, employees, communities and other stakeholders for their support and cooperation to make this achievement possible.

Source: Warta Ekonomi (English version translated by the Company)