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Electricity Connection Program

We are committed to providing free electricity connection up to 18,000 households in various regions in Indonesia. This commitment made for supporting Indonesia electrification ratio assisting Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and PT Perusahaan Lis

7,698 households

Last Year
4,622 households

Gas-to-Electric Stove Conversion Program

Gas-to-Electric Stove Conversion Program of 3,000 unit electric stoves to 60 subdistricts in West Java region in collaboration with the Government of Bandung, West Java.

Village Development Program

Desa Buni Baru Babelan Development Program in collaboration with Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) Foundation regarding the development and empowerment of Small Micro Medium Enterprises (UMKM).

Social Aid toward Mental Illness Patient (ODGJ) and Elderly

We provide infrastructures to Al-Fajar Berseri Foundation in the form of rehabilitation building, secretariat building, nursing home with a capacity of 30 (thirty) people equipped with 6 (six) bathrooms, and a garden dedicated for ODGJ patients and the El

Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program for 25 undergraduate students through Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) Foundation to help students coming from underprivileged families around Indonesia.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Investments

Investments made by the Company toward CSR Programs.

US$ 2,197 thousand

Last Year
US$ 784 thousand

Work Accident - Fatality

Zero Case

Last Year
Zero Case

Gender Equality

The percentage of male employees is higher than the number of female employees, which is driven by the nature of the technical and electricity industry which is mostly favored by men. Culturally, in Indonesia, the technical field of work is still seen as

84 employees (10.9%)

Last Year
83 employees (10.8%)