Light that Bring Goodness

Public News|May 02, 2021

Jakarta, May 2, 2021 - Lighting the community as an equitable effort in electricity infrastructure development is a genuine form of social commitment of PT Cikarang Listrindo Tbk or POWR. Since 2016, Cikarang Listrindo has listed in the Stock Exchange with ticker code “POWR”. The company is registered as the pioneer in independent power producer for industrial estate in Indonesia.

Since 1993 until now, Cikarang Listrindo has served more than 2,400 industrial estate customers in five industrial areas in Cikarang. Besides, POWR has also supplied to Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) since 1996. The current capacity of power generation reaches 1,144MW which also makes the Company as one of the biggest capacity independent power company in Indonesia.

Holding to the achievement, the company put its upmost effort to provide a long term benefit to Indonesian community. The Company believes that sustainable business is a business that provide a balanced concern to the people and the planet, not only to the profit.

Hence, the Company makes corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an integral part inseparable from the Company’s operation to support the business continuity. For the CSR commitment that the Company has implemented all this time, Company received several awards from the Government as well as other stakeholders.

Coincided with the Earth Day on 22 April 2021, once more the Company was awarded with 2 (two) awards in the Bisnis Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Award (BISRA) 2021 event held by Bisnis Indonesia.

The two awards obtained by the Company are “Gold Champion” for listed company category and “Best Award” for Disaster Management category. The Company was elected after going through a rigorous assessment process since early 2021 by Bisnis Indonesia Board of Jury and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia Foundation against other 113 companies from BUMN, public and private.

The spirit of “Light that Bring Goodnes” is the Company tagline in carrying out its CSR activities is expected to become an inspiration for other companies to participate in contributing to the community and environment. That same spirit moved the Company during COVID-19 pandemic in assisting the Government and the community through the Company CSR activities.

The aids were distribution of 15 ventilators, 499,420 personal protective equipment sets consisting of 6,170 hazmats, 8,150 face shields and 485,100 medical masks, 1,000 rapid test kits and moveable handwasher. Cikarang Listrindo also participated in the shelter program for hospital staffs in Jakarta as well as other health aids.

The aids were handed over through the BUMN Foundation to Pertamina Jaya Hospital as one of the BUMN Hospital handling COVID-19 patients, and also directly to a number of health institutions in Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Bandung and the surrounding.

Some of the Company’ sustainability program are collaborating with the government, one of which is the participation in Indonesia electrification ratio program that targeted electricity connectivity in 721,000 houses which was carried out since December 2019 together with other IPP in Indonesia, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).

The Company pledged contribution to provide free electricity connection up to 18,000 houses. As of 31 March 2021, the electricity connection has reached 8,224 houses scattered in West Java and East Nusa Tenggara provinces.

These activities will be continued until the target is fulfilled. Other joint program with the Government is through Electric Stove Conversion Program in Bandung City which is collaborating with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources wherein the Company distributed 3,000 electric stoves to 60 sub-districts in West Java.

There are still a lot more of the Company activities that bring benefit to the community which reflect the Company’s commitment to its stakeholders related to business continuity, by reaching a balanced economic, social and environment performance throughout the Company’s operation.  

Source: Bisnis Indonesia Weekly