Labansari Village Prone to Floods, Cikarang Listrindo Intervenes

Public News|December 02, 2022

Jakarta, December 2, 2022 - PT Cikarang Listrindo Tbk (IDX: POWR) collaborated with several of parties to create the United Disaster Alert Program (BEGANA) program in Labansari Village, East Cikarang District, Bekasi Regency.

This is due to Labansari Village is located between the Citarum and Cibeet Rivers, which is prone to disasters. Especially the flood disaster that continues to occur every year. In fact, floods in Labansari Village can reach up to 2.5 meters and recede up to a week time.

This condition has cut-off road access to the village, causing the residents isolated and creating difficulties for the evacuation efforts and logistical assistance supplies. Under these conditions, PT Cikarang Listrindo collaborated with a number of parties.

The collaboration was carried out with PUSKASI (Center for Disaster and Refugee Studies) Bandung Polteksos; BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency); TAGANA (Taruna Preparedness for Disaster), and Swatantra Wibawa Mukti created the United Disaster Alert Program (BEGANA).

BEGANA is community-based disaster management, strengthening community preparedness regarding disaster hazards and risks, forming disaster preparedness networks, and optimizing potential and resources for disaster management.

"The BEGANA program involves and equips people of productive age who care for the surrounding environment and are enthusiastic about natural disasters management," said PT Cikarang Listrindo Tbk's official statement, Thursday (1/12).

The design of the BEGANA program has three integrated focuses namely disaster mitigation, environmental preservation and socio-economic strengthening. The Disaster Mitigation is by forming a Disaster Preparedness Community Work Team (TKMSB), Environmental Preservation by forming a Garbage Bank, and Social-Economic Strengthening by forming an Ecovillage.

The benefit of the BEGANA program are that it can minimize the socio-economic impact if a disaster occurs in the area and strengthen disaster mitigation so that it can become a well-integrated Disaster Preparedness Area.

Then, the Company partnered with the Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Duta Bangsa (STTDB) in a unified disaster preparedness program through one of its efforts by creating a flood disaster early warning system in Labansari Village.

This warning system is a water sensor system with a Solar Power generation (PLTS) which will provide early warning, and be on alert through sirens and lights when the water level from the Citarum and Cibeet Rivers reaches a certain height.

This collaboration is an ongoing activity with the Company's previous program, namely disaster response assistance to strengthen disaster mitigation in Labansari Village which is a flood-prone area.

With this program, the Company won a gold category award at the 2022 Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals Award (ISDA), for the Company's contribution to achieving SDGs 11 - Sustainable cities and settlements.

Cikarang Listrindo hopes to be an inspiration for companies or other institutional parties or individuals to participate in supporting the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia, because the achievement of SDGs can occur with the awareness and contribution of all Indonesian people.

Source: CNN Indonesia