The MEMR Requests POWR to Ensure Electricity Supply Reliability in the Cikarang Industrial Area

Public News|May 04, 2024

4 May 2024 - The Director General of Electricity (Dirjen Gatrik) at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), Jisman Hutajulu, urges PT Cikarang Listrindo Tbk (POWR) to ensure the reliability of electricity supply in the Cikarang Industrial Area.

"PT Cikarang Listrindo provides electricity supply for substantial industries, not only based on their size of capacity, but also on the reliability of their electricity supply. Even a slight disruption will inevitably affect the country's economy," said Jisman during a working visit to PT Cikarang Listrindo, West Java, as reported on Saturday (4/5/2024).

Jisman emphasized that when the economy is disrupted, it will create a multiplier effect that impacts various sectors. Therefore, the government's role is crucial in monitoring and evaluating the reliability of electricity supply in a business area.

"As the government, we need to facilitate, observe, supervise, and monitor each business area according to the law and regulations, aiming towards green energy in the future," explained Jisman.

He underlined the importance of this meeting to gather information regarding the electricity situation and power generation by PT Cikarang Listrindo, especially efforts to reduce carbon emissions and support energy transition to achieve the Net Zero Emission target by 2060, particularly in the power generation sector.

In the same occasion, the Station Manager of PLTGU Cikarang Listrindo, Jannes Sirait, stated that they are continuously striving to fulfill commitments regarding the designated business area by serving industrial customers.

"Cikarang Listrindo can be considered a strategic company with the status of a Power Plant classified as a National Vital Object, supplying electricity not only to industries but also to hospitals," said Jannes.

He mentioned that in terms of the environment, their Gas Steam Power Plant (PLTGU) has received PROPER green certification from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. To improve service quality, Cikarang Listrindo has formed a quality group, expecting all employees to constantly strive for improvement in quality.

As the Designated Business Area Holder for Electricity Supply, Cikarang Listrindo has a designated business area of 5,375.17 hectares, with electricity infrastructure including power plants with a total capacity of 1,253 MW plus 22.1 MWp from rooftop solar power, supported by a 150 kV transmission and distribution network.

The existence of this electricity infrastructure is not only to support the reliability of electricity supply in the Cikarang Listrindo Business Area but also to support economic growth and national development.

Source: IDX Channel (English version translated by the Company)